About Dream Refugee

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Dream Refugee is a 501c(3) non-profit whose mission is to begin to tackle today's most relevant and troubling themes of exclusion, xenophobia and apathy by connecting refugees with disparate communities in unique ways.  This simple idea shows that enduring personal connections, awareness of culture and similarities are basic human needs and endear empathetic growth where it may not have been possible before

Dream Refugee has always been about outstanding local and global citizens taking actions to change our community.  Founder, Mohamed Malim, a dedicated hardworking student refugee, took initiative to start the journey on creating our non-profit organization.  He recruited a small group of talented ambitious individuals with the similar background to help find solutions. Faced with the difficulties of balancing their schedules and gathering resources to get this organization running. The team was characterized by their amazing energy and belief that anything is possible.  Today,  a fully capable organization with the proper tools at our disposal we face even greater hardships that require bigger solutions and resources than our small team can accomplish alone.  We’ve found that co-creating and building with passionate, dedicated people, limited only by their minds and imagination, remains as a vital component to finding solutions that make a huge impact and a visible difference in our world.  We firmly believe that

Dream Refugee should exist, first and foremost as a platform and an outlet to help refugees connect with the broader community, address basic needs, provide resources and a sense of unity, sharing stories of refugees, illustrating a more accurate picture of the people around us, promoting positivity and putting an end to the negative stereotypes many refugees are labeled.  Dream Refugee is all about providing services that are key to the growth of refugees.  The lives of many refugees teaches us about what it means to be faced with great adversity, continously struggle and still have enough passion and dreams to push forward. This is the theme that we can all learn from.  Our organization is motivated and inspired  by the incredible stories and the belief that anything is possible. Today, refugees are the future, we’re facing challenging crises but we’ve found that with transparency,  dedicated, passionate people and a dream, our vision can be a reality and we can find innovating new solutions while remaining open to possibilities and help refugees achieve their dreams.